First Restaurant
12 Trang Thi Tel 824.0060
Good foood relaxed setting

Genghis Khan
E3 Nui Truc, Tel: 846-1567
Mongolian barbecue

Halal Restaurant
Heritege Hotel, 80 Giang Vo,Tel: 8344727
The only genuine halal restaurant in town

 Mother’s Pride
6C Phan Chu Trinh, Tel: 826-2168
Classic Singaporean cuisine

Somerset West Lake
2540 Thuy Khue, Tel: 843.0030
Singaporean cuisine

Sinh Chau
75 Ly Thuong Kiet, Tel: 826-6629
Fresh seafood at reasonable prices

Thien Quan Restaurant
 Thien Quang Lake, Tel: 826-7353
 Floating restaurant

V Tower, 649 Kim Ma, Tel: 766-4604
Just opened Special romen noodle soup

Ky Y
29 Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Tel: 978-1386
Healthy food , reasonable prices

142B Nguyen Chi Thanh, Tel: 835-2643
Traditional food, reasonable prices

322 Ba Trieu, Tel: 821-6033
Choice of some 300 dishes

Saigon Sakura
17 Trang Thi, Tel: 825-7565
Vietnamese-run, authentic cuisine

Cha Ca La Vong
14 Cha Ca, Tel: 825-3929              
Northern specialities, tourist favourite

Pho Bien
14 Trang Thi, Tel: 828-9954
Fresh Vietnamese style seafood

 San Ho
58 Ly Thuong Kiet, Tel: 822-2184
Luxurious setting, fine seafood

 Sam Son Seafood Market
77 Doc Bac Co. Tel: 825.0780
Giant seafood market, inexpensive

Ngoc Suong
29 Phu Doan, Tel. 828-5236, 824-3720
82 Hoa Ma, Tel: 826-3664, 611.0746
Excellent seafood, keen prices

24 Hang Be, Tel: 824-5359
Great curries, good vegetarian selection

Fanny’s Ice Cream
48 LeThai To, Tel: 828-5656
French ice cream and sorbet

L’s Place
Van Phuc Compound, Tel: 846-1883
Serves food, next door to a great minimart

Koto Sandwiches
27 Quoc Tu Giam, Tel: 732-1 105
Build your own gourmet sandwich
Run by and in aid of street kids

24 Nguyen Sieu, Tel: 828-6861
Excellent sandwiches

The Deli
138 Hai Ba Trung, Tel: 934-2335
Freshly prepared delicacies, sandwiches

The Delicacy
10F DinhLiet, Tel: 934-3238
Sandwiches and pizza

Baan Thai
3B Cha Ca, Tel:828-1120
Authentic Thai cuisine at reasonable price

Bangkok - Hanoi
52A Ly Thuong Kiet, Tel: 934-5598
Popular with expats

Hong Thoong
12 Nguyen Du, Tel: 943-1428
Special Thai food, good prices

Siam Corner
Oriental Pork, Quang An, Tel: 829-1200
Authentic Thai dining

Com Chay Nang Tam
79A Tran Hung Dao, Tel: 826-6140
Highly recommended

Thanh Tam
204 Pho Cuc Chinh, Tel: 828-1252
Typical Vietnamese vegetarian food


Hoa Vien
8 Doc Ngoc Ha, Tel: 733-0333
Czech food and beer

Fast Food
Pumpkin Café
105 – K1, Giang Vo, Tel: 856-0005
Set lunch and dinner

Restaurant 123
55 Pho Hue, Tel: 822-9100
Inxepensive. Very popular with locals

Café des Arts de Hanoi
11B Bao Khanh lane, Tel: 828-7202
Traditional French cuisine

 Café de Paris
10 Tong Duy Tan, Tel: 928-5227
Re-opened: some of the best deals in town

Cyclo Bar, Restaurant and Garden
38 Duong Thanh, Tel: 828-6844
French and Vietnamese cuisine

Gustave Restaurant Francais
17 Trang Tien, Tel: 825.0625
Classic French dining

A Little Italian
78 Tho Nhuom
Hotline for free delivery 825-8167. Great pizza and pasta

 Al Logo
5 Xuan Dieu, Tel: 718-4027
Italian chef and cuisine

II Grillo
116 Ba Trieu, Tel: 822-7720
Classic Italian menu, intimate atmosphere

II Padrino
42 Ly Thai To, Tel: 828-8449
New and traditional Italian cuisine

 La Primavera Ristorante Romano
12 Hue, Tel: 8283202, Fax: 822-5949
Italian and Vietnamese dishes

La Terrazzo
107 A5 Giang Vo, Tel:846.0155
125 Trieu Viet Vuong, Tel: 978.0622
Italian specialities and some of the best pizza in town

23 Nha Tho, Tel: 826-6288
Pizza and traditional Italian food

29 Ly Quoc Su, Tel: 928-5246
Great value pizza and pasta, monthly Specials

La Hoa Korean Restaurant
5 Quoc Tu Giam, Tel: 826-7215
Traditional Korean restaurant and hotel

Seo Ha
8 Ngoc Khanh, Tel: 821-6033
Traditional menu, decint shabu dhabu

C6 Giang Vo, Tel: 846-2626
Bulgogi and seafood

Cay Cau
17A Tran Hung Dao, Tel: 824-5346
Cosy decor and first-class service

Club Opera
59 Ly Thai To, Tel: 824-6950
Excellent food, great setting

Com Duc Vien
13 Ngo Thi Nham, Tel: 943.0081
Interesting, varied menu

Com Nieu Que Huong
250 Ton Duc Thang, Tel: 851-7140
Great food in a classic setting

Hanoi Garden
36 Hang Manh, Tel: 824-3402
Traditional southern Vietnamese cuisine

16 Nam Ngu, Tel: 824-6097
Elegant Vietnamese dining

Little Hanoi
25 Ta Hien, Tel:926.0168
Traditional Vietnamese food

 Nam Phuong
19 Phan Chu Trinh, Tel. 824.0926
Southern cuisine; traditional music performed nightly

 Phu Dong Thien Vuong
47 Tran Xuan Soan, Tel: 943.0305
Vietnamese specialities. Inexpensive

Seasons of Hanoi
958 Quan Thanh, Tel: 843-5444
Colonial setting

57 Ba Trieu, Tel: 826-6555
Great regional cuisine in on airy villa
Set menu available

The Delicacy
1OF Dinh Liet, Tel: 934-3238
Traditional Vietnamese food



5C Hoa Mai, Tel: 971-2783
Favourist expat and tourist rightclub

Brother's Cafe
26 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Tel: 733-3866
Set in an old temple. Good food

Cafe Lac Viet
46 Ly Thai To, Tel: 828-7207
Coffe and a light , healthy menu
Films sunday, Monday and Thursday

Cafe Pho
15 Ly Thuong Kiet, Tel: 826-6862
Quiet villa setting. Serves food

Diva Cafe
57 Ly Thai to, Tel: 934-4088
Local fovourist, fine decor

Relax Bar
60 Ly Thuong Kiet, Tel: 824-8409
There's fun, there's the view and much more

R & D Lounge
19 Pham Dinh Ho, Tel: 971-3888
Happy hour 5.30- 7.30pm. Live music

Dak-linh Cafe
Hoan Kiem Lake, Tel: 828-7043
Great lakeside location

Dak-linh Cafe
Hoan Kiem Lake, Tel: 828-7043
Great lakeside location

Green Cafe
24-26 Hang Hanh, Tel: 828-7863
Drinks, fast food and darts

Kinh Do
252 Hang Bong, Tel : 825-0216
Good Food, inexpensive

Jazz Club
31 Luong Van Can, Tel: 828-7890
Third time lucky for local fazz guru
Quyen Van Minh

Lido Night Club
46 Hang Cat, Tel: 825-7773
Karaoke and dancing

Little Hanoi
21 Hang Gai, Tel: 928-5333
Cold beer, games and TV

Long Vien Bar & Cafe
42 Hang Bun, Tel: 843-8117
Food, live musc, karoke and billards

Moca Cafe
14-16 Nha Tho, Tel: 825-6334
Coffe roasted on site. International cuisine

New Century
10 Trang Thi, Tel: 928-5285
The newest nightclub in town



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